The Tarzali Lakes Smokehouse

Enjoy our range of fully flavoured handcrafted smoke products, combined with a unique blend of local Australian native herbs and spaces. These tasty treats are all produced in-house using only the freshest quality ingredients prepared by our own master smoker, Dave Hoffman.

You can also purchase many of our smoked goods from the smokehouse cafe.

Hello…. my name is Dave Hoffman…. your host when you visit the Tarzali Lakes Smokehouse. I am proud to be part of three generations of butchers who have specialised in gourmet sausages and smoked products for over 60 years. You could almost say that the meat industry is in my blood!

Tarzali Lakes has given me the opportunity to develop my passion of incorporating Australian native flavours with selected meat varieties. The Tableland environment offers a rich source of local ingredients from which to choose from.

My handmade smoked goods are prepared in the traditional way, using on the finest and freshest ingredients while following the strictest food preparations standards.

Most of the smoked recipes are my own creation, but I must mention a few good blokes who have helped me along the way.

Firstly, Dennis Ryan from “Valley of the Mist”, the bush tucker Guru of Nambucca who taught me that you don’t have to be a hippie to utilize and admire the environment. also, the Melosi/Midco’s Gold Medal holder and ham and bacon expert, Bob Broadhead. Bob taught me generously the craft of smallgoods.

Then of course there is Andre Andrews, my old colleague from the famous “Valla Smokehouse”, from whom I have borrowed many methods and ideas. I recall him saying that “Imitation is the finest form of flattery”.

Michael ‘Cactus’ Moran, the bloke who was sacked after three days of butchering (for pouring a bucket of water over the boss’ head)…. he went on to become a shire councillor, respected businessman and the best brawn maker I have ever come across!

Then, there was my dad, “Dangerous Dan himself”. He was a legendary figure who taught me everything decent there was to learn in life and that there is no secret to good sausage making other than to use only the freshest ingredients and treat each sausage like a work of art.

Bon appétit! I very much hope you enjoy my creations and I look forward to welcoming you at the Tarzali Lakes Smokehouse.

David Hoffman.